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Brand: Talkpod Model: N50
Talkpod Smart Series N50: PTT Network Android Radio. The Talkpod N50 Push-to-Talk over Cellular LTE handheld radio is equipped with the open source Android 9.0 operating system enabling users to stay connected by utilising Push-To-Talk technology. It's a mid-tier PoC rugged portable with o..
$572.00 $848.10
Ex Tax:$520.00
Brand: Talkpod Model: N56
Talkpod Smart Series N56: PTT Network Android Radio. The Talkpod N56 Push-to-Talk over Cellular LTE handheld radio features a 1.7 inch high-resolution, full-colour LED display and limited keypad for fast & easy operation. The N56 runs on the open source Android 9.0 operating system ena..
$616.00 $892.10
Ex Tax:$560.00
Brand: Talkpod Model: N59
Talkpod Smart Series N59: PTT Network Android Radio. The Talkpod N59 Push-to-Talk over Cellular LTE Android radio features a 2.4 inch touch screen, front and rear cameras and open Android 9.0 operating system. It combines loud and clear audio, exceptional durability and excellent security ..
$677.60 $953.70
Ex Tax:$616.00
Brand: Rapid Model: RAPID-CL-1
RAPID PTT: Single-user dispatcher/commander client license.  Client license required for Dispatcher/Commander access to our RAPID PTT platform. One simultaneous user per license only and requires an active Rapid subscription.Software will be delivered electronically shortly after purc..
$276.10 $368.50
Ex Tax:$251.00
Brand: Rapid Model: M20004G
Rapid M2000: Rugged, durable, clear. The Rapid M2000 mobile Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PTToC or PoC) terminal is lightweight and easy to use with superior audio performance. It is designed to look and feel like a conventional two-way radio as much as possible but runs an Android operating..
$677.60 $953.70
Ex Tax:$616.00
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